Olivia Denton of West Philadelphia


"It gives me great joy to be a resource,"

said Olivia Denton who has found creative ways to help others. The youngest of four, Denton was the first to obtain her Master’s degree and start a business. She became a reference point for her family and friends from then on.  

Born of Jamaican parents, Denton grew up in the West Philadelphia area with her three brothers. As a child, she loved architecture, design, and journalism. “Now, I use these skills to build stories and create businesses,” said Denton who decided to study journalism as an undergraduate and new media journalism for graduate school. While the main focus was journalism, a prerequisite class gave Denton exposure to a new career. “I had to take a PR class and loved PR,” detailed Denton who found a new passion in helping others shape their stories. “Perception is reality. Why not help (people) perceive better about themselves?”

Post college, Denton started a career in public relations, then moved to brand management and development. She later created her own business, The Olivia Brand, LLC which provided strategic business solutions for entrepreneurs and budding industrialist.  For those who could not afford her services, Denton also created a blog, OliviaDenton.com, to provide complimentary tips and tricks on how to develop one’s enterprise. “The goal is to give tools to develop businesses. Winning is for everyone, but effort is required!”

Denton, who became a mother at 16, worked endlessly to accomplish her goals. Family and financial demands propelled her ambitions, despite experiencing early signs of exhaustion. “The night I graduated, I could not stay up,” said Denton who didn’t realize her own fatigue until years later. “The first time I acknowledged burnout was when I started my first business. It was just really hard to get things done,” admitted the young entrepreneur.  Still, she continued to work. Eventually, the nonstop grind took its toll, causing Denton to experience performance anxiety. From this experience, Denton created another resource, The Busy Girl’s Brunch.

Denton described The Busy Girl Bunch as a way for young women to “rest for success.” Reflecting on her struggles as a working mother, Denton wanted to offer one Saturday morning, every three months, to young women who often neglected their own self care. “I created the Facebook group and started inviting people. Then people invited other people. I had to figure out a way to leverage their attention,” detailed the business savvy mom. Since its 2015 inception, Denton has hosted a variety of strangers who later formed their own relationships. “I’ve seen people do business together. Connections are made. Amazing friendships are developed,” she proudly proclaimed. As The Busy Girl’s Brunch gained popularity, Denton decided to add more resources in the form of guest speakers whom provided educational and inspirational information.

For more on Olivia Denton, go to https://oliviadenton.com/