The CHARLES Foundation is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization created to help at-risk children. Our work is centered on improving the lives of young people, bringing opportunities to our neighborhoods, and working to end gun violence.  


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From President Yancy Harrell:

Our thoughts, prayers, and work are with the families of those harmed in New Zealand. There is so much hate in this world and add the easy accessibility of guns and we have situations like the slaughter that occurred in New Zealand, and every day here in the United States. We pray for all those affected by this heinous crime. In New Zealand authorities have already taken steps to limit accessibility of the most dangerous guns, but we still have a ways to go. We understand that while prayer is necessary,  it is not enough. We must be the change! We have to become single issue voters. We must demand that our legislators protect us and if they don't we must vote them out. We need background checks on all guns all the time and give strong consequences to straw purchase sellers and buyers including gun dealers. Now is the time!



The CHARLES Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended and supported our 8th Annual Gala

Photographs from the event are here.


A word from the founder of The Charles Foundation, Movita Jonson-Harrell

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