Ronald Ryan of West Philadelphia

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“I was always interested in giving back,”

said Ronald Ryan who has dedicated his life to the community of Philadelphia. Ryan, a West Philadelphia native, has always emphasized the importance of education, second chances, and community unification through his outreach efforts.

Previously an employee of PAAN (Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network), Ryan worked with young adults in diversion programs. Through this, Ryan was able to reach more and more teens. “I helped the youth, but I was also able to help their friends,” he says detailing creative ways he reached the larger community. By proxy, Ryan was able to make an impact by helping teens change their paths before they were introduced to the justice system.

Post-PAAN, Ryan began to work with local schools to create a safer commute for the students.  By mobilizing the parents and community volunteers, Ryan was able to bring the Safe Corridor Program to neighborhood schools known for rowdy dismissals. The presence of Ryan and other community members that cared created a difference for the students.  

Now, as an employee of Town Watch Integrated Services, Ryan can further his passion for a better Philadelphia. “We help people help their communities,” says Ryan who believes the lack of information and proliferation of old information is a hindrance when it comes to communities organizing. Through Town Watch Integrated Services, Ryan demonstrates to the city’s residents that a little involvement could change a society. “This is a quality life issue,” Ryan exclaimed.

“We have to show that we support our community,” says Ryan who is forging ahead. His goal is to further the town watch initiative and train as many community members as possible.
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