Justin Skariah of Millbourne


"I was only 24 and i wasn't sure if i wanted to do it," 

said Justin Skariah when asked how he got involved with local politics. At the time, young Mr. Skariah was a recent Political Science graduate of Penn State who moved back home to determine his next career move. “I love my community, so I went for it.”
Justin Skariah is the second child born of Indian immigrants. His family settled in the quiet town of Millbourne, PA, right outside of Philadelphia. Growing up as a first-generation American, Skariah learned how to balance both Indian and American cultures, a skill that proved beneficial once sworn into office. Educated in the Upper Darby Public School District, Skariah graduated from Upper Darby High and attended Pennsylvania State University. After graduation, he returned to his beloved neighborhood and started volunteering within the community.
The aging city council board welcomed Skariah like a breath of fresh air. His enthusiasm and love for the community gave hope for the future of Millbourne. When a veteran councilman retired, there was no doubt who was best suited for replacement. After his initial appointment, Justin Skariah successfully retained his position in back to back elections. Today, Justin Skariah routinely encourages young people to become politically involved.