The CHARLES Foundation

The road to recovery and redemption for children.

Our Efforts

The Foundation, with the help of MECA, Inc has assisted 57 young adults with obtaining employment in the health care industry.

Members of the Foundation continue to go out to meet with members of the community that have lost a loved one to violence to provide support. 

The Foundation has formed a partnership with Heeding GOD's Call, where we participate in community calls for action and public witnessing.  Heeding GOD's Call's mission is to remove the illegal guns from the streets.  They protest at gun shops and they hold the shop owners responsible for their conduct.  They have been successful in closing down a gun shop that illegal straw purchases have been traced back to. 

The Foundation has participated in the Focused Deterrence Strategy since its' inception in Philadelphia in collaboration with the District Attorney's Office.  Members of Charles' family sit as the moral voices of the community along with law enforcement and social services to deter young people from killing.

The Foundation has also formed a partnership with the West/Southwest Philly Peace Coalition.  This coalition is a group of community organizations and community leaders that have come together to reduce violence in the West/Southwest Philadelphia communities. 

The Foundation continues to collaborate and work with The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office for Victim Services, the Jerrell Seay Love and Laughter Foundation, Men United for a Better Philadelphia and Mother's In Charge to reduce violence in the community.  We work with people from all faiths, walks of life and communities.

We are currently supporting The Lost Dreams on Canvas Program with finding a permanent home for the exhibit.  This program memorializes innocent victims of homicide in portraits which are presented to the families.  A print is kept to be a part of the anti-violence traveling exhibit.  They are currently homeless and looking for a space to have access to the community, show the anti-violence exhibit, and space for workshops. 

The Foundation has "adopted" The Tilden Middle School in Southwest Philadelphia where there is currently a high rate of homicide.  The Foundation met with the prinicpal Mr. Crenshaw and the assistant principal Mrs. Golden on August 30th, 2012 to deliver school supplies for the children for the Fall 2012 school year.

We are in the process of creating a Youth Resource Center in West Philadelphia.  The YRC will be a safe haven for children with hours of operation after school, on weekends and during the summer.  Children will be introduced to the arts and provided with tutoring and counseling.  Our hope is that the YRC's renovations are completed by the spring of 2015. 

The CHARLES Foundation is looking to implement a group home for adolescent boys.  We are seeking all sorts of donations including monetary, furniture and educational materials.  NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!  We are also looking for people who are willing to donate their time  and compassion through mentoring and/or educating. The Foundation is also in the process of creating a program to go into the community for our youth.  The program will include self-esteem and skills building and conflict resolution applications to reduce harm and violence.  If you are interested in helping, please go to the "Contact Us" heading and submit your information or write us at The CHARLES Foundation, 4066 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  We look forward to hearing from you.